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i knew of a lot (not really cheap but camps otherwise) but you wouldve had to apply and apps are usually due early spring and its a bit late

oh well then

does anyone know of any relatively cheap astronomy, art, or film camps in the greater northern california area (google is giving me all southern california locations and i can’t go that far)?

I think it’s important to write a lot of songs and write songs you think people will like regardless of what genre you’re in. Not in terms of compromising your song writing- you should always write what you want to. You hear a band do a wicked sound and you think they’re so good but they just don’t have anything you can latch into. That’s the most frustrating thing in the world. - Dan Smith

Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be.

excerpts from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE AGENTS OF The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division


In health class we were given sheets of paper and told to write a message we would want someone of the opposite sex to know

She read some examples

The girls were like: “Hey can you please not treat me like shit”

The boys were like: “Spray tans look ugly I hate when girls wear too much makeup and don’t lead me on.”

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Best of Sam Claflin at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

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